Are all sound hire companies in Johannesburg created equal?

Absolutely not! Professionalism as well as quality of service and equipment contribute to the sound system hire Johannesburg companies "value" to you. It's not just about whether the audio visual companies in Gauteng can set up a sound system.What matters is whether the sound system hire is neat and professional as well as reliable and delivers high quality sound. A sound system provided by a sound hire Johannesburg based company should be have a clear strong sound , be affordable, be neatly set up, collected, delivered and run without an glitches at all. For a conference to be smooth running, a sound hire Johannesburg based company should provide sound hire services which include not only top quality audio visual equipment but the technical services to back them up.

If you are looking to have a conference in the future that runs smoothly sound systems Johannesburg based companies who provide sound equipment for hire in Johannesburg are absolutely essential to a great corporate event. Sound hire in johannesburg is an important part of your amazing presentation. sound system hire johannesburg based companies who know their stuff can advise you on the best system to use. sound system hire in johannesburg should be about assisting you to deliver an award winning presentation by delivering award winning service. Conference video taping Johannesburg companies , although are focused on the recording side of things also need to provide audio visual equipment hire. video taping companies don't always fall into the same category but , in the case of Absolutely A.V. can provide the services of audio visual companies and video production companies in Johannesburg. AV companies in Johannesburg like Absolutely AV can provide the services of Audio visual johannesburg based companies and offer projector hire johannesburg services but few can offer video production in Johannesburg, audio visual hire in Gauteng and stage hire in Johannesburg under one roof.

How much does it cost to rent a sound system in Johannesburg?

A conference, or at least a good one, needs good sound. The question is though "How much does it cost to rent a sound system in Johannesburg?" The answer is not a simple one but I will give you a guideline to assist. These are not quoted prices. AV rental Johannesburg companies provide a range of different sound systems , otherwise known as P.A. systems (Public address systems) There are firstly different types that are used in different ways. They are: Conference sound system hire Mobile Disco Performance sound system Large Event Sound systems The conference sound system hire is, as it says, for conferences. Although some of them can handle larger sound requirements, they are generally intended for spoken works through a microphone and sound from a laptop. They range in price from R1 500 to R6 000 depending on the size and extra services such as a sound engineer or technician and delivery. Mobile Disco is not technically a P.A. system but many event organizers save costs by using the DJ's sound system for the P.A. system. That is fine for small events or parties like cocktail parties or weddings but not good for corporate events. They range in price from R2 500 to R5 000. The performance sound system is really geared towards music or bands doing live performances so they often have more performer related equipment such as effects units and sometimes actual instruments or at least the ability to plug in the instruments. The prices on these can be wildly different from some who will do it for as little as a few thousand rand up to tens of thousands of Rands. This brings us to the large event sound systems. These are often grouped with all the staging and rigging as it is extremely unlikely that you can rent just the sound system. Normally a sound production company would provide everything from staging and lighting, trussing or rigging, sound , video projectors and big screens. Here we are talking about events that are normally in the high tens of thousands to the high hundreds of thousands. The larger the event the more pricing is very much a quote per event type situation. This is not so they can milk it for more money but because the requirements can be very different. Sound hire Johannesburg companies can be "Dry Hire" or provide turnkey services so depending on what you need or your budget make sure that the sound system hire Johannesburg companies provide what you are looking for. Many P.A. system hire Johannesburg companies don't provide large scale sound systems for concerts but they often are also projector hire Johannesburg companies so they can provide for the needs of most conferences but not for large events. Stage and sound hire Johannesburg companies are often clearly supplying most if not all of the requirements for large events but might not be so keen on a simple "dry hire" sound system so be sure to ask if they will do it.

Where Do I Start With AV Hire?

When you think of doing a professional PowerPoint presentation the first thing you think of is projector hire because without the projector rental, you really have only your laptop or computer screen to show other people your presentation. Unless you only have two or three people looking at your presentation a projector and screen is needed. So the first thing to do is find a projector hire Johannesburg company and finding the right projector rental company in Johannesburg can be tricky . What you also have to keep in mind is that although some projectors have a small speaker built in, its really only useful for a small group of people ,which kind of negates the use of the projector in the first place, so what you will need is sound hire for a system that is audible for a larger crowd. Sound rental is not the easiest thing to negotiate either because of the different opinions regarding the types and size of equipment to use. A sound hire Johannesburg company can often offer you a range of systems from a pair of speakers on tripods to a large event sound system of thousands of Watts. The question is really how big is your event?

This will determine the size of the projector and sound system. On average though a 3000 lumin XGA projector is good and a 400Watt to 800Watt sound system is good. So what next? Well the rental it's self can vary from "dry hire" which is a straight forward rental that you pick up and drop off to AV services which include the delivery , set up and collection of the equipment which sometimes includes some set up assistance. There are often technicians available to help you but they are there mostly for big events using video and sound. If you are lucky enough to find a really great AV company, then they will offer delivery, set up and collection free and include set up assistance at no extra cost. This will apply both to projector hire Johannesburg companies and sound hire Johannesburg companies. Many sound hire companies and projector rental companies are one and the same but often they behave in different ways when it comes to delivery and set up. Why , do you ask , is it necessary to have set assistance ? Well not all laptops are made alike. Its not just the difference between Mac and PC, the different models behave differently when connected to a projector. Some will automatically detect a projector when it's plugged in and connect to it. Others require clicking a few buttons while some will require a reboot with the projector connected. A well informed technician can guide you through this tricky start up point which can turn your event into a success or a flop. The same applies to sound system Johannesburg hire companies.

Most people don't have the faintest clued how to set up a sound system or P.A. system. To expect you to be able to do it with out help is just plain crazy. A really good sound hire Johannesburg company will send a technician to set the system and have it tested before you begin your event. Also one thing to keep in mind is whether to use a handheld microphone (on a stand) or lapel (lavalier) or even headset (countryman) microphone .Each have their pros and cons. Sound system rental Johannesburg companies should be able to advise you on these. Audiovisual equipment should be done by those who know the equipment. You should always use a professional AV rental Johannesburg company. Audio visual hire is a specialized field and should really be handled by audio visual hire Johannesburg companies. AV rental services ABAV provides stage hire, Lighting, AV Rental, Technicians, photography, Sound systems, video productions and recording systems.

For all your needs for your corporate conference, we have the equipment and staff to help your event run smoothly and with top quality sound and images. When it comes to reducing costs for your corporate conference, the one part which should never be neglected due to cost is conference equipment in Johannesburg. Whether its pa system for hire in Johannesburg, projectors for hire in Johannesburg, sound system hire in Johannesburg. No matter how you phrase it AV rental is an important part of your conference. However you term it or how you search for it, audio visual is what makes the corporate event world go round. When the venue is booked, the food arrangements have been made and accommodation agreed upon , remember the AV. It does not help if your event is well planned but your presentation is not. There many reasons for having a corporate conference but pretty much all of them can be affected positively or negatively by your use of Av equipment.

The visuals should be clear and impressive, the sound should be pleasant and comfortable to listen to. Even if your documents, charts and slides are well thought out, if the quality of the equipment being presented on are not up to scratch, the whole event can be pointless. Turn your well structured and well though out presentation into an impressive marketing tool but having your potential clients or staff members be suitably convinced of the importance of your message by receiving it the way top quality presentations should be which is through top quality AV equipment. Similar terms used are : av hire in Johannesburg, av equipment hire in Johannesburg, microphone hire in Johannesburg, lapel microphone hire in Johannesburg, event equipment hire in Johannesburg, projector and screen hire in Johannesburg or projector and screen rental in Johannesburg, av hire Johannesburg, av equipment hire Johannesburg, microphone hire Johannesburg, lapel microphone hire Johannesburg, event equipment hire Johannesburg, projector and screen hire Johannesburg or projector and screen rental Johannesburg, conference equipment Johannesburg, pa system for hire Johannesburg, projectors for hire Johannesburg and sound system hire Johannesburg.

Which PA system sound system do I use?

Which projector is best for conferences? When you want to rent a sound system, many people still struggle to identify what it is they need. I guess in the AV industry it is quite clear what the different types of sound system hire there is but to the average person it is not clear at all. If you wanted any kind of AV hire , you would have to understand what the equipment is. For example a video projector or data projector can be used in different ways and more importantly has different image brightness and quality. A SVGA projector has nowhere near the resolution of an XGA projector. The SVGA projector is more for home use and XGA is for conferencing although it assumes that you are willing to accept lower quality to watch your movies at home. Quite honestly SVGA image is not fun to watch movies on. The resolution is sow low that its like watching through a tennis racket with the grid over your picture. The way people get confused is that the SVGA projectors are now available with very high lumins.

Many of them range from 2200 to 3000, which was the brightness range of XGA projectors. Either way a conference with SVGA is a big NO-NO. Minimum of XGA is needed. When it comes to sound hire and sound hire in Johannesburg for conferencing, it is not as easy to distinguish between different PA system rentals or Sound system hire in Johannesburg because there really is only 3 determining factors, which are power rating, driver size and product quality. The first issue is power rating, which in fact really has no bearing unless your event is larger than 20m by 20m.

This may seem weird because most people determine their event size by the amount of people attending .This is an ineffective way of calculation because of the seating arrangements. If the audience is in cinema style then many more people can fit into the space than at dinner tables or school room style seating. A 200 guest wedding is the same size as a 500 to 700 guest conference in cinema style. The room size is vastly different, never mind the difference between indoor and outdoor events. The driver size ranges from 8 or 10 inch to the standard 12 or 15 inch drivers. The only real difference is the amount of bass required. For speeches, a 12 inch and a 15 inch don't sound any different except for the associated power difference. Then there is the quality difference. This is truly a mine field of issues. Many claim that you have to have the top brand for events but in fact most event attendees cannot tell the difference between a high end brand and a cheaper brand.

The only real difference to them is how the speakers look. The simple equation for a corporate event done in cinema style (rows of chairs) is for 1 to 200 guests a 12/15 inch (2 speaker) 400Watt system is great. For a corporate event done in cinema style (rows of chairs) is for 200 to 500 guests a 12 inch(4 speakers)800Watt or 15 inch (2 or 4 speakers) 1000 to 1500 system is great. The larger systems are really for music and performances or to impress the living day lights out of your clients. So the simple answer if you need AV rental Johannesburg or video projector rental and sound system hire for indoor conferencing is use an XGA 3000 lumin projector and an 800Watt/1500watt 4 speaker sound system for most conferences from 20 to 500 people cinema style.

For professional service from AV rental companies in Johannesburg , simply contact a great AV rental company Absolutely AV on 011 462 7816 Be well prepared for your next corporate conference in Johannesburg with Professional audiovisual equipment hire. For all you AV rental in Johannesburg. AV companies you use in Johannesburg should be reliable. Call 011 462 7816 and speak to the professionals.

ABAV provides high quality screens, sound systems, projectors and video production for your conferences in Johannesburg. If you need a sound system or full live video to big screens with all your Audio visual requirements, go to www.videoprojectors.co.za A professional corporate conference should include the use of professional AV rental companies in Johannesburg so speak to ABAV for Sound System Hire in Johannesburg. All AV rental Johannesburg. Professional Corporate conference AV Rental. Manage a successful conference with all your AV requirements supplied by a professional AV rental company in Johannesburg. We are suppliers of Sound system hire in Johannesburg, big screen rental and projector rental in Johannesburg as well as corporate video productions in Johannesburg. A professional AV rental company and video production company in the Johannesburg area. High quality and reliability with a professional AV rental company. Choose a great AV company for your conference. Call 011 462 7816

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What is AV?

AV is an abbreviation for audio visual. this however does not clear up what it means. There are many versions of this audio and visual. The most commonly accepted versions are for AV rental companies and home entertainment installation companies. Because AV can mean just about anything audio and visual , there are many uses which cause confusion. Some have used Av to mean a presentation. Although it is normally an AV company that would provide the AV equipment for a presentation, the presentation it's self is not referred to as an AV. When it comes to a conference equipment company, the term AV is pretty clear but in the public domain Av can mean just about anything. There is unfortunately no term which refers specifically to conference AV equipment so if a security company installs AV equipment, it will be very different to an AV rental company installing AV equipment. It is mostly accepted by AV rental companies in Johannesburg that AV represents projectors and sound systems for conferencing.

If you call up an AV rental company in Johannesburg and ask for AV, you will still have to be specific about what you need. Asking to rent an AV will sound a bit odd and asking to produce an AV will also be a bit strange. When you need conference equipment in Johannesburg for your corporate event then try to list the equipment you will need. For example , do you need a projector, sound system, microphones (hand held or lapel), screens to project on, recording of your conference with audio or video production. presentation equipment like a laptop or laser pointer, podium, stage hire, conference lighting and sound engineers. You can also have your entire corporate event audio visual handle by an AV company in Johannesburg.

This would be event management, which frees you of the worry of what equipment is needed and allows the AV company to supply, manage and support your event without you having to worry about what is needed where. Simply specify your needs and the AV rental company in Johannesburg will do the rest, For "dry hire" of AV equipment or event management in Johannesburg go to www.videoprojectors.co.za or call 011 462 7816 AV rental Johannesburg, AV rental company Johannesburg, sound systems rental Johannesburg, projector rental Johannesburg, AV hire Johannesburg. How do you search for a professional AV rental company in the North of Johannesburg? Here is a comment by Billy There seems to be so many different versions of AV hire or AV rental in Johannesburg that it depends on how you search, the result will differ. The difference is also about whether you need a local Av rental company in Johannesburg or need one of the larger national AV hire or event management companies in Johannesburg. The searches that come up as similar to AV rental Johannesburg are: video equipment hire johannesburg , dj equipment hire johannesburg , camera equipment hire johannesburg , av hire johannesburg , price of public address system , small p.a. systems , hire audio equipment , public address amplifier and sound system hire in johannesburg. These will all bring different results.

So how do you search for an AV rental company in the North of Johannesburg vs one in the East Rand , West Rand or the South of Johannesburg?

Well if you need to rent Av equipment in Johannesburg North , want AV rental in Douglasdale , urgently need a PA system for hire in Fourways or need a sound system in Bryanston , even conference audio visual equipment in Randburg , then contact Absolutely AV. They are a video production and Av rental company in Johannesburg. They cover the North of Johannesburg in areas such as For sound system hire in Johannesburg North , use the professionals, Absolutely AV. Call them on 011 462 7816. They provide projectors, PA systems ,>screens , microphones , video production and presentation services such as presentation AVs and power point presentations. They set up and collect the equipment so you don’t have to worry about all your AV requirements because they are all sorted.

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This month we had a whole lot of conferencing going on. We had our yearly corporate gathering to discuss the future of our company and marketing strategies and we needed an AV rental company in Johannesburg to provide all the presentation equipment for our conference in Johannesburg. A corporate event without good audio visual equipment is like a cycling race without a bicycle. Thank goodness he had a really great AV company that could not only supply the data projectors but also the sound system and screens that we needed. The quality of the sound system was awesome with no feedback and noises I have heard at other peoples conferences>. The projectors and screens were really great quality with professional back up engineers on hand to help out.

There are a lot of AV rental companies in Johannesburg but not many that offer such great quality at such a great price. The professionalism was also outstanding. When I start a conference , I want everything to run smoothly and I don’t want to worry about some technical issues. I’m glad I found a professional AV rental company at a great price.

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When it comes to events do you need an event organizer?

What is required in an event that needs an event organizer? There is a variety of things to be organized by an event organizer. That does not mean that you cant do it yourself but being able to it yourself does not mean you have to do it yourself. You don't paint your own house even if you know how. You don't fix your own car even if you could. The reason is that we all specialize in the work we do and it is the smart thing to do to allocate work to people who do that work. Let a mechanic fix your car, a painter paint your house and event organizer organize your event. Whether you need event management which covers all the AV related equipment such as staging, lighting, sound and projectors, or you need a function coordinator to handle bookings , decor and catering then use people that will assist you in setting up and running an effective event. For your next corporate conference, contact professional event people. It is always the events that cut corners that end up suffering the most. If it matter how successful you event is then use the right people for the job.

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What is AV vs an AV?

The term AV has proved to be quite confusing for most non industry people. AV is an abbreviation for audio visual so why the confusion? Well there are many combinations of audio and video. The more commercial or consumer interpretation would be anything electronic using audio and video such a s a television set, DVD players, home entertainment systems and even mobile devices. In the conference or event industry, AV is very clearly PA systems or sound systems and more specifically sound system hire or PA system hire as well as video projector hire or data projector rental. In the video or presentation industry an AV is more a presentation, whether its PowerPoint presentation or a video production used for corporate events or even marketing. There are many web based companies that refer to and AV as anything similar to a video or moving presentation. So to a branding company , the place to find an AV is to contact one of the video production companies in Johannesburg to create either a corporate video or presentation for a corporate conference in Johannesburg.

To an AV rental company in Johannesburg, there is no such thing as an AV but rather AV is a term for the type of work they do such as AV rental Johannesburg; . For the person in the public who is in no way connected to the AV industry, they see AV as a grouping of equipment which they can buy. So if a consumer is in store and sees the AV section, he or she would assume that would be the area for LCD screens and HiFi. It has been accepted by sound hire companies in Johannesburg that AV refers to them but in fact it depends in who the customer is , what AV actually means. If you are looking for an AV hire company in Johannesburg to rent a projector in Johannesburg or sound system hire in Johannesburg, you would need to know that some confusion might arise.

There are many websites who claim to specialize in AV equipment but in fact you will not be able to rent a PA system in Johannesburg from these companies. If you search for AV rental Johannesburg, you should mostly find AV hire companies but be sure to remember not everybody uses the words the same.

What does it cost to rent a sound system?

Firstly you have to understand what a sound system is. There are a variety of types and brands that provide a different result. When it comes to brands, in order not to get into any trouble, we will skip that all together and go straight to types. AV rental Johannesburg companies provide sound which is different to home entertainment sound and have different ratings. A 10 000 Watt home entertainment system is like a 400 Watt professional sound system. Very often home entertainment systems are highly over rated as a marketing technique .

True ratings are listed as RMS. A conference sound system can be from 600Watts to many thousands of Watts which is dramatically more powerful than most home entertainment systems. Sound hire Johannesburg companies often provide plastic molded speakers on tripod stand with cordless microphone and stand. Your home system has speakers on the floors and walls. When it comes to prices from sound equipment hire companies , it can vary quite a lot but at the low end a simple two speaker system can cost R 1200 to R 6 000 .It really depends on the company. The high price does not always reflect high quality in equipment or service. Audio visual companies who provide sound hire often provide a variety of AV rental services such as projector hire and stage hire. Audio visual companies in Gauteng however are not all the same size so provide services at their own level. Many of the larger companies will do smaller sound systems at R 5 000 or so but would prefer to do large scale events with staging and line array sound hire which can be in the hundreds of thousands of Rands.

Audio visual companies in Johannesburg also vary in whether they are more "dry Hire" or event companies. "Dry Hire" is where only the equipment is rented and either you collect and set up or, at an additional fee, they will do that for you. Sound hire in Johannesburg can be for conferencing or large events such as a music concert. You need to know what type of sound system hire you are looking for.